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First things first,

You’re going to make it through — through here, through whatever seems hard right now.

No matter how lousy things appear, it’s not the limit of everything.

If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Right here, right at this moment, this is yours, this the all in your hands, this life belongs to you.

The way things are right now? They won’t always be this way. Things are going to improve, you are going to grow. But what so ever your life is in this second, it’s yours to command.

Have your life. Make choices you can consider good. Feel every single sigh you perceive. Comprise the consequence. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Nobody else can conceive for you, can choose for you, can breathe in your place.

You must do your believing, your own accepting, your living.

And this is how you live with slight regret: you accept everything you endure, even the things that don’t make you feel stable. Because when you do that, you do what you grew into this world to do: you come alive.

In all the millions of spaces, you can be told you're not enough, don't buy that crap, not even one of them.

Accept yourself, and you’ll be astonished at the person you mature into.

Some tracks you’ll still have to travel alone, but that doesn't stop you from being a daughter of this earth, with the heart of the whole cosmos in you are breathing, you are no less than stars that shine or the sun that gives light.

To be alive is an inestimable thing — don’t disregard that and don’t depreciate your own existence. Don’t wonder how important you are. You can’t even presume how valuable you are.

Also, don’t take yourself too severely, because nobody has it all solved out. Everybody has flaws, is frightened of something, and wants more than anything to fit.

The more you receive the more you'll recognise how limited you know. That's the discrepancy between information and experience, knowledge and wisdom.

If knowledge is strength, then wisdom is energy.

You'll apprehend how much force it takes to lean on others, how being vulnerable means being authentic, how mercy heals.

Pay regard to what heals you, and stay tight to it.

When you're hesitant to love again, go forward and love one more time.

When you're scared to ask for advice, go ahead and ask anyhow.

When life drives you deep, view it as an opportunity to rise back up again. Show the world and to yourself how you transform grief into love, a finish into an origin, night into day. Be your rescuer.


Thank you Simran Tiwari for expressing your thoughts through this beautiful video.

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