SPIRITUAL AWAKENING-The Age of Enlightenment (Part-1)

Spiritual rebirths indicate the origin of your beginning on the pure route. Without undergoing a spiritual awakening, we go throughout life seeking the vacancy of wealth, prestige, and respect to find “satisfaction.”

The unsettling and fairly beautiful thing about spiritual awakening is that it occurs at the least expected time. 

There is no means one can plan for them. They stagger within your life and rock everything up like hurricanes. Although the obscure tip embedded deep inside them is that they transpire at the specific moment that you require them the most.

Holy awakenings are the soul’s call for independence.

Receive its appeal and your presence will be remodelled within something significant and notable.

Dodge its invitation and your life will be like a churchyard.

If you have endured a spiritual awakening, you have got to recognise the myths and deceptions of this society. Buried in your soul, you recognise that nothing outside can eternally, bring you pure exhilaration or accomplishment. This subterranean consummation omits your desire for something more abundant and something that will deliver you taste entire already over.

If you’re reading for clarifications, if you’re thirsting for purport in life, this page will dispense with you all you require to know. Here, one will find all the feasible sources you need for the beginning of your journey including whichever spiritual awakening is, general spiritual awakening tokens, and many more.

What is the meaning of ‘Spiritual Awakening’?

While we experience a spiritual awakening, we completely “rouse up” to life. We start to examine our former beliefs, practices, and cultural conditioning and understand that there are plentiful experiences in life to live than whatever we have been taught.

It is necessary to inquire questions such as, “What is the purpose of my life?” “Is there a life after death?” “Why it's only the good people who suffer the most?”

And separate questions that explore the elemental nature of life through your awakening. Spiritual awakenings enliven the most recondite and most vital enigmas inside us that we should be settling off questioning or have been too fearful to touch.

The awakening happens as a spontaneous output of your Soul unfolding, extending, and mellowing.

Now as everything in life evolves, so does our reciprocity with our beings.

The more you equate to your force, the more you transform.

The wider you come to personify your Soul, the stronger you perceive pure and enduring comfort, harmony, accomplishment, independence, and admiration.

While the pure revival process can feel tender and terrifying at the beginning, it eventually nourishes you to relish a more significant life. The reason that your existence doesn’t obtain sense anymore is the outcome of having all of your prior convictions, passions, and standards claimed and oftentimes disproven. This is traumatic, but a vital part of one's development.

What tends to set off the Spiritual Awakening Process?

One might be inquisitive to apprehend what stimulates spiritual awakenings.

The key is that frequent factors can trigger this method! There is no individual solution.

Spiritual awakenings can occur at any instant or stage in your life. They can be inevitable, though they can further be triggered by significant life transitions, disorders, hardships, and injuries such as life-threatening ailments, partitions, midlife trials, and many more.

Awakening also can occur due to one's nature. For occurrence, one might be a delicate empathy by creation. Moreover, for some souls, spiritual awakenings are triggered by wide but challenging twin flame relationships.

Ordinarily addressing, the spiritual awakening method results in association with an experience called The Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul

If one is deeply receptive to the affliction of others and are a heartfelt sage by creation, it is likely that one has gone through, or are presently going through a dark night of the soul. It is a phase in life when one feels entirely separated off from the almighty or the god. The more conscious one becomes of their detachment from the almighty, the stronger possibilities one has of undergoing a Dark Night of the Soul.

Just imagine the similarity of getting groomed. To put on brand-new outfits, one must get off the old ones. The past must be displaced away to make way for the upcoming. It indicates that the distress you go through when the Dark Night of the Soul happens for a purpose and this is the removal of the old to gravel for new ways of actuality.

Life is a cycle of nativity and morality. As such, going through the Dark Night is not a notable or polished practice – at its essence, it’s fresh, and the most demanding practice known to humankind. Everything is denuded away from oneself. There is no enlightenment, no transparency, and no harmony. But recognise that it is a platform, and similar to everything in life, it will readily sink.

There are means of promoting up the Dark Night which one has examined on this page broadly. I went through a lonely and turbulent Dark Night of the Soul, inside work is essential. It’s sort of like the distinction between letting your old threads just tumble off you or dragging them off and propelling them to the babble oneself.

Several stages of Spiritual Awakening

The whole process of awakening is complicated, intense, might have many layers, and diverse for each one in this universe. In certainty, it bottled up into unalloyed levels.

Nevertheless, with this being stated it is considerate to have a sort of “draft” to determine where one presently. The latter stages are customary. They determine the overall progress of the spiritual awakening process:

  • Stage 1 – Grief, Despairs

This stage is all about, one enduring the Dark Night of the Soul. This is a moment of uncertainty, cleavage, disengagement, despair, and vast woe with life. There is a grand rising vacancy inside of you. This stage either develops unconsciously or due to a life dilemma.

  • Stage 2 – Changing aspects

One starts to observe presence differently. At this stage, one starts comprehending the distortions and fallacies produced by the community. One feels unhappy with life, disturbed by the misery one sees and pessimistic about the troubles of the universe. One no longer sees life as they did in their preceding phase of unawareness.

  • Stage 3 – Exploring explanations and significance

There is a purpose to all this, the life we have?

Here, we are asking all the penetrating questions. In search of your life meaning, infinite destiny, and the significance of life. When one will start tinkering in various transcendental and abstruse domains in the hunt for solutions and honesty.

  • Stage 4 – Obtaining solutions and undergoing discoveries

Here, one will locate several teachers, clientele, or belief regularities that promotes one's existential misery. One can sense a discernment of enlargement as past exemplars fade and the authentic self starts to develop. One might have some mystical occurrences or scanty flashes of enlightenment that provides a sight into the terminal nature of existence. It's the time of rejoicing, strength, attachment, and reverence.


I experienced a spiritual awakening 8 months ago when I was at my lowest, I was continuously having disputes with my mother and everything felt like a failure, I used to live in a separate city because I was completing my degree there, I had a shortage of money, my family was in-depth and with every upcoming day I felt like I'm a burden to them, so I started working part-time, worked all day and just to help my family and pay my fees, one fine day I went to the college library to return the book I borrowed last week and unusual meditation class was going there, I sat there and observed, it seemed quite relaxing so I joined, after few minutes into it, I felt pretty clear, all of the sudden tears started rolling down my eyes without any reason, I perceived everything inside me, every thought, my pain, my joys and it felt like I'm meeting myself for the very first time. It was very strange for me.

Later I went to the mentor, the one who conducted the class on meditation, he told me "it's your fears and sorrows purging out of you, let them. One can't live life gracefully with all disturbances rammed inside them. There might be things you thought you have gotten over with the fear has made a space inside you, the meditation will help you to let go of it", then he explained to me the authentic purpose of spiritual awakening and how it is infinitely essential for all of us to know what's with us, who we are and we as a human need no one but just ourselves because the cosmos flows within us, we are our universe.

The first few days were tough, I started to wonder, inquire, and a feeling that there was way more to life than my influenced viewpoint, and I felt intensely misplaced and lonely. Neither I had real friends to trust in, nor my parents understood or maybe didn’t want to. As a consequence, I felt so dull and smothered with solitude, but It was all a part of the process, day by day I felt weightless as I was growing and building myself to be strong, to accept my past and face the future, I became more confident and I finally understood the true meaning of happiness with me.

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