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1. Kinds of issue resolved in therapy :


If you are experiencing stress, hopelessness, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and sin, excessive irritation or other distressing emotions, these deep emotions can be compared to some unproductive patterns in your life.   

We all have rehearsed patterns of thought, emotions, reforming or describing which we might or might not be cognizant of. These patterns can be both healthful and harmful.


Are these questions troubling you? 


Why does this keep happening to me?

Why they do this to me?

Why every time, in the end, it feels like nothing matters?

Why am I having trust issues? 

Is life unfair to me or everyone? 

Why does happiness feel so tough? 


In this therapy, we will examine the continuous patterns which cause anxiety and makes you believe that you are deceived. We will reach the origins of these patterns.


Being aware of your steps, you can gain power over your queries and deliver resolutions that appear suitable to you. 


Often psychological distress can be correlated to variations or situations in life that are tough to deal with, such as a failure of a connection, travelling to a different country, failing a job, the birth of a child, etc. Changes can be quite sensitive. In therapy, we will help you to manage to deal with certain variations in your life and adjust to unusual circumstances. 

1 hour  /   $150

Addressing psychological issues

2. The unchangeable unpleasant truth 

Sometimes, the painful truth of life is beyond our ability to develop, like a huge failure, shock. Dealing with unrelenting reality can feel awful. Furthermore, it can be incredibly challenging to find someone to discuss these uncomfortable encounters and to receive emotional assistance from others, such as your friends or family. We have fear of being rejected by our important others. You may fear that if you begin to talk about your pain, you might become worse or fall apart. 

Therapy can be a secure platform where you can speak up about your grief, express your emotions and examine your painful experiences.

As therapists, we are here to hear you out, understand your misery and assist you.

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2) Self-realisation Session 


The realisation is a way that helps you examine your subconscious and become aware of yourself. It helps you obtain a better perception of who you are and your position and purpose in the world. You can better understand the reasons for your doings and sense the way you feel about yourself, others and the world. You will also get to know what your purpose is and makes your life significant.


Communicating with someone you can have faith in who will hear you out without any judgements.

Often we just need to talk our heart out, to the one we can have trust in. You will certainly discover that therapy is a right and safe place for you to open up and be listened and find yourself.

1 hour /  $150


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