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THE ILLUSION OF HAPPINESS - Is happiness an illusion ?

Happiness is an earthly desire. Deep down, we require to be content. Unfortunately, in today’s realm, pure happiness is a precious commodity. People who have acquired the illusion of happiness use items like money, relations, friends, their body, etc., as means to obtain certain ‘positive’ sensitive situations.

The more you run after happiness, the more ephemeral it becomes. Materialistic things can never buy you happiness. If you are steadily pursuing the idea of happiness, you will encounter a life of stress and anxiety. Instead of concentrating on the surface level bonuses of life, focus on your internal state.

There is a desperation in today’s westbound societies to be happy. It’s not that happiness is not satisfying nor is it to refuse that mental well being is vital. But the biggest misconception is that mental well being is not as identical as an obsession with happiness. It is the very reverse, the Reading University article abstract insinuates: ‘increased valuing happiness was associated with lower emotion attention control and lower savouring of positive experiences, which in turn was related to depressive symptoms.


According to Wikipedia; “The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing and well-being.”

While there’s an extended description of an individual’s story of being right, one can contemplate that happiness ingests not survive as a single entity. You don’t get whatever life assigns y'all, you get specifically what you value out of it. That is why the dark meaning of just working to be fortunate doesn’t act out so well for most characters. Everyone needs to be happy. But not here should any open concept of everything would bring real happiness.

Happiness is an illusion because a hazy image of your desire can never truly materialize. For most utmost being happy is a transitory state that is usually dominated by the subsequent great thing. A lot of people request they will be happy once they get a lift. They enjoy it for a while before they accommodate and return to their prior mental state, which was ordinarily demanded something else.

Is the desire to live in that one state of happiness eternally? The pursuit of happiness is customarily a contest from one material possession to the next. That temporary happiness that is brought on by outside things doesn’t last too long. And it can be simply taken apart from you.

Are we left with no other alternative than to fall into hopelessness?

There is yet a wish for us if we are prompt to mirror our own life.

I assume the happiness everyone is seeking is internal peace. This kind of satisfaction comes from within. It doesn’t demand you to accomplish some kind of purpose and it is available at an instant. It arises from living in the present moment and being thankful for every single thing in your life.


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